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“A Journey of HOPE” by Jodi Stuber

“A Journey of HOPE” by Jodi StuberA Journey of Hope - Cover

This is the story of how HopeWell Ranch came to be! Written by Jodi Stuber, Co-Founder and Program Director at HopeWell Ranch.

How does a person overcome in a time of severe adversity? Where do we go to find peace, joy and hope again after tragedy? A Journey of Hope is Jodi Stuber’s story of coming back from the edge of hopelessness and despair, with the help of God and her family she finds healing and hope again. This inspiring book is a story of God’s redeeming love and how it birthed a beautiful place called HopeWell Ranch. HopeWell Ranch is a ministry that offers free therapeutic horseback riding for children with emotional and physical challenges. but most importantly it offers hurting people HOPE

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