Memorial Page – Our Animals


We have been blessed by many people and animals.  Some have passed on, leaving their legacy of service and generosity. Thank you! Bubba Jack

 Bubba Jack



This funny, long eared, goofy, teenaged donkey was a favorite among many who visited the Ranch. Bubba had an alarm like bray that sounded off when children arrived, when he was in his guard mode, or when it was mealtime! He loved to hug people by placing his head on their shoulder and closing his eyes. He enjoyed stale Tootsie Rolls and healthier treats. Bubba Jack proudly gave many small children short rides.


Popeye the Bunny

This is Popeye, he was our one-eyed bunny who had wolf teeth. His teeth don’t line up so they grew until they protruded from his mouth.  This sweet guy had to have his teeth trimmed every 6-8 weeks!  Some of you may have seen him on the Incredible Dr. Pol Show.  Popeye’s  You Tube video has over 115,000 views!!




Traverse was at HopeWell Ranch since its beginning.  In fact, Jodi said he was her walking and praying partner during the time that God was giving her a vision for this program. Traverse was a loving guy, often greeting people at their cars or walking them back out to their car when they leave. His favorite treats were hoof clippings after the farrier visits! Unfortunately, Traverse passed away but his love and spirit will live on in the lives he touched.


miracleMiracle was an Arabian mare. We are unsure of her age at her passing on May 31, 2012. She arrived at the ranch on August 27, 2005 as a “Compassion Horse,” meaning she was not able to be ridden due to an old knee injury. She was very loving and served the ranch by teaching children how to care for horses, and thus others!  Miracle loved to listen to those who groomed her.  Despite her sore knee, after a good rain she loved to canter around the pasture! Her best horse friend was Victory.




Victory miracle

Victory was a Quarter Horse gelding in his some where in his late twenties to early thirties. He arrived on August 27, 2005.  He provided ten years of loving service as he passed away in the spring of 2015. This handsome boy was often referred to as “a Poser” or “Sir Lick-a-Lot”. He licked just about everything!  He was the favorite of many who visited the Ranch. Until recent years, Victory was the go-to horse for first time riders. One of his quirks was that he didn’t seem to like it when humans wear sunglasses!


20120807-IMG_5622.dngBeau Majestic

Beau was a Tennessee Walker Gelding. He loved to talk. He would make noises that sounded like he was purring! Beau was a smooth gaited walker that allowed the riders to feel as though they were sitting in a rocking chair. Beau was very social, and had many best friends among the herd. For nearly a decade Beau was one of the most reliable horses in our riding program. He ministered to so many of our participants in his quirky and loving way.