Our Horses

All of the equine at HopeWell Ranch have been generously donated. Some were given to provide a quieter life, some were from rescue situations. We are not a rehabilitation facility for horses, but we are sometimes able to consider adopting a horse that is sound, healthy, and well trained.


20110520-IMG_1178Lady Carrick

Lady is a Paint mare who arrived at the Ranch on June 1st, 2006. She was renamed “Lady Carrick”, after a town in Ireland (the Stubers have a great love for Ireland!). She is a beautiful horse, mellow, sweet and an excellent mother. She is fantastic doing equine assisted healing sessions. People love her twisted blaze, almost as if she is smirking.  Lady sometimes decides she would rather just stand than ride!  Therefore, experienced riders are the best fit for Lady.






This Paint mare is the daughter of Lady Carrick. She arrived June 1st, 2006 with her mother when still a filly. She is very sweet and loves to be the center of attention at all times, causing many photos of her to be of her nose! She is becoming a favorite lesson horse. Her markings are beautiful, the black on her sides remind us of a heart shape!  Destiny has recently joined our riding program.  Destiny is best suited for our experienced riders.  Destiny also participates in our Veteran’s Program.






Chebar is a 20+ year old Arabian mare. She arrived here at the Ranch on August 27, 2005. Since she has a bad back, she is another of our compassion horses, used for leading and grooming. Many people have found comfort through spending time with her. It is hard to understand why she is so skinny, because she never turns away a snack! Chebar participates in the EAGLA and Veteran’s Program.







Indy is a 19-year-old Registered Dun Quarter Horse Gelding.  His registered name is Dun By Franny.  Indie is also registered with the International Buckskin Horse Association.  Indie was donated on June 26, 2016, by Lizzie Lambert, Owner of Haystacks, www.haystacks.net.  Indie has been a participant in our Project Solomon Program which is available for Veteran’s suffering from PTSD.  Indie is very high energy but as you can see by the picture, he adores being with our volunteers!



Deacon was also donated on June 26, 2016, by Lizzie Lambert, Owner of Haystacks, www.haystacks.net. He is a 26-year-old Quarter Horse.  Deacon is an absolute gem.  His personality is calm, complacent and peaceful.  He loves water and his baths.  He is a dream to ride as he works strictly off leg pressure.  However, due to old knee injuries, Deacon is no longer available to ride.  He participates in EAGALA and Project Solomon programs. He has already touched the lives of many.


This Miniature Paint mare is a quiet girl. She has a watch eye, meaning one of her eyes is blue and the other brown. She loves to have visitors to her pen. She is sometimes used to teach children and volunteers how to do round pen training work.






Gideon is a young Palamino Mini gelding. He loves to be groomed. This little guy has because much more friendly since joining us. Our biggest goal for him is for him to be able to pull a cart behind him. He loves to play with Bliss!






This amazing Halflinger gelding is very mellow and willing. His back seems wide enough to have a picnic on! Children and adults alike love his short stature. He is great with all people and is often a first lesson horse. Many people prefer to ride him bareback, which has the added benefit of increasing strength and balance! He has many nicknames, including “Sam”, “Fabio”, and “Loverboy”.   Samson participates in our riding program, as well as Project Solomon.







Roman was donated to the ranch in June of 2012.  He has lots of energy, and is a bit of a joker. Roman is a gaited horse so he provides the opportunity for our riders to learn new skills.  Roman’s best fit is for our intermediate riders.  He challenges the rider to improve their skills.






Mercy is a large black pony who came to the ranch in 2009 from a foster farm after being rescued from a severely neglectful situation. She has come a long way.  She was initially wary of humans.  Now she loves to be led from the pasture for grooming, round pen work, and training. She is now a part of a riding program. Her story of finding a home that is safe and loving after an abusive past has connected with many hurting young women and several of our Veteran’s. If you want to win her over, simply bring a peppermint treat with  you!  Mercy participates in our riding program, EAGALA, and the Veteran’s Program.





Justice came to the ranch in 2010. He is unique in that just a few months before he arrived he lived as a wild mustang in Nevada! He was gentled and trained by Toni Hazen before coming to HopeWell Ranch. He loves to carry things around in his mouth, like Jolly Balls, grain pans, and even fence posts! Justin participates in our Project Solomon Program.  One of our Veteran participants lives changed due to the interaction with Justice.





Lexington is a Appendix Quarter Horse (a thoroughbred/quarter horse mix) that was donated to HopeWell Ranch in July of 2015.  Lexi was previously a jumping horse.  She is very calm and loves peppermints. Lexi participates in our riding program, as well as our EAGALA program.





Lincoln is a Percheron cross that joined us at HopeWell in 2012.  Lincoln is the largest horse at the ranch.  He often surprises our clients since he is one of the most gentle horses we have! Lincoln’s size provides the flexibility to use him for our children or adult riders.  Lincoln participates in our riding and Veteran’s Program.


20130615-IMG_8541.dngLightning McQueen

Lightning is a mustang who was donated to us in the summer of 2014. He is a VERY smart horse who was trained for dressage, tricks, and western pleasure riding.  Lightning’s previous owner, Toni Hazen, helped him to overcome serious adversities from his past. Lightning is a wonderful additional to the riding program.





Blessing is a Arab/Welsh Cobb Pony that was donated to HopeWell Ranch in August of 2015.  She is a wonderful combination of sweet and smart, with a touch of sassy.  She was trained to respond to voice commands by her previous owner.  Blessing has been used in our riding and Veteran’s Program.