Our Small Animals

We love all of our animals at HopeWell Ranch!

We have found that some of our program participants respond as well or better to smaller animals as they do to our equine partners.

Here are some of our smaller friends!




Also known as “Mackie”. Mackie chose HopeWell Ranch as her home – one day she was found in the hay barn and she has lived with the Stubers ever since. Mackie loves to give kisses and is very playful.


Rocky is a German Shepherd that came to HopeWell Ranch in the Spring of 2013. He is shy, but very loyal.

He loves to run around the ranch with the other dogs when sessions are not taking place.



Eli and Pumpkin:

The farm cats are very independent, you might not seem them much.

Pumpkin is much more likely to come out to greet visitors.


Pumpkin is playing with one of our little volunteers!


The chickens currently living at ranch were raised from chicks.  13902800_10207113788827256_5535238358604977712_n

They provide eggs every day for the Stubers  and ranch visitors.

The children help provide names, such as “Lola” and “Domino” and “Special”.

Some children, such as Lilly, one of our volunteers, love to help get eggs and feed the chickens.

Lilly has been deemed our

“Chicken Whisperer!”  





The ducks currently living at the ranch were raised from ducklings. Children love to watch them! Volunteers recently built their new duck house, called the “Waddlahn Inn”!






We house a variety of rabbits in their own little barn. Rabbits were Jodi’s favorite animal as a child. They still hold a special place in her heart! Children and parents enjoy petting the rabbits.



Rosie and Buddy and their four younger friends love to have visitors!