Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning


While most of our program at HopeWell Ranch focuses on horsemanship skills, there are times that a participant will find the opportunity for greater growth through equine assisted therapy or learning sessions. These sessions are facilitated by a horse specialist and a mental health specialist.  Individuals do not ride during these sessions as all sessions are held completely on the ground. Participants are usually in the arena with one or more horses. A variety of activities are offered depending on the participants needs. These activities include interaction with the equine, who is considered part of the facilitator team. These sessions can also be used with more than one individual. We have a number of volunteers who have been trained to use these techniques, including a local mental health specialist, several equine specialists, and a several others with professional business backgrounds.

Equine Assisted Therapy: Equine assisted therapies can help individuals, couples, and families with a variety of issues such as anger management, self-esteem, conflict resolution, attachment issues, substance abuse issues, and trauma.

Equine Assisted Learning: Using similar methods, EAL sessions are used by individuals, groups, and corporations. Activities can be designed to improve communication and conflict resolution, teambuilding, vision building and more.

Because of the nature of these sessions, participants do need to have an adequate level of cognitive and language skills. Riding is not involved, so these sessions often include our horses that are not rideable.

The sessions require a mental health specialist and are offered on a limited basis.  Therefore there is a fee for services.