Unbridled Potential


Program Participants

We provide a riding program to children over the age of 5. The children’s program is available to to those who are challenged with mental, emotional, mild physical, or spiritual issues.

We also have a Veteran’s Program.  This program is available to military men and women who have experienced Post-Traumatic Stress due to their military service.

Both of these programs are offered at no cost to the participants. This is due to our financial contributions from our donors.

Parents of potential participants will need to fill out an application and a liability release form. After a general consultation with our Program Director, the children’s needs and goals will be assessed and a weekly scheduled time for sessions will be established. If you are unable to come every week we will do our best to work out a schedule. If we are currently unable to schedule you for a riding session, you will be placed on a wait list.

Veteran’s will be required to complete a liability release, history form and pre- and post-assessment at the end of their equine experience.

Ranch Attire

All attendees and volunteers must wear appropriate clothing at the ranch.

Clothing should include:

  • Long pants (jeans are the best). Children enrolled in the program will not be allowed to ride wearing shorts.
  • ONLY crew neck tops with sleeves (short or long) are to be worn. Boys may wear button down shirts if buttoned appropriately. If you are helping with hay, a long shirt of some kind may be beneficial to you.
  • Boots, If you are to be around the horses at all it is recommended that you wear cowboy boots, steel toed boots, or other acceptable riding boots. We do have a “boot exchange” program, we may have a used pair that could fit you (and periodically, someone donates a NEW pair!).
  • Gloves are highly recommended, and required if doing chores.
  • Due to the weather and exposure to the sun, it is recommended that you bring sunblock, wear a hat of some type, and bring a bottle of water.
  • If your volunteering covers the lunch hour please bring a sack lunch with you.
  • A bottle of water is always a good thing to have!


HopeWell Ranch serves the entire family. Parents receive support through other parents and our volunteers. Parents are welcome to be on-site and may have opportunity to interact with the animals or just enjoy the beautiful outdoors! If you have a child participating in our program, you may be wondering what YOU can do while your child is in a session. Some parents have come to be known as a “Ranch parent” and have been integral in our program by helping to oversee daily activities, helping with daily chores, or serving on fundraising event committees (see the section on fundraising below).

If you are interested in volunteering, whether for the hour your child is in session or more often, please let us know! We can always use help with welcoming new families, flower and vegetable gardening (weeding, watering, planting, harvesting!), feeding animals, cleaning indoors and outdoors, organizing, etc. Perhaps you have a special hobby or skill you would like to share – there are many ways you can get involved!