Volunteer opportunities are plentiful at HopeWell Ranch. With an ever expanding group of participants, we rely heavily on the kindness and involvement of volunteers. We have opportunities for people to work with children, our equine, our smaller animals, vegetables, flowers, herb gardens, maintenance, painting, orchard work, construction of buildings, and multitude of other projects that are always happening.All potential volunteers will need to complete and submit a volunteer application form.

Potential volunteers over the age of 18 will need to agree to a background check. Volunteers will be interviewed by the Program Director or other lead volunteer staff and attend two orientation sessions. Volunteering at HopeWell Ranch is a great professional experience for younger volunteers as well as adults. You will have opportunity to build your professionalism, interpersonal communication skills, and character qualities such as reliability and integrity. You may also learn more about animal care, gardening, horse training, equine therapy, etc. We do have a performance evaluation to provide you feedback and determine how we can help you further develop your skills.

If you are interested in volunteering for our program, please contact us about orientation dates! You will  need to attend an orientation, complete an application, complete a background check (for those over the age of 18), and possibly meet with Jodi or a LEAD volunteer. Those interested in a LEAD volunteer role will also need to provide a reference from a Pastor or other Christian leader.

There are a number of ways you can contribute. We have 3 levels of volunteering:

1. LEAD Volunteer –

  • These volunteers report directly to the Program Director, Jodi Stuber. These are mature Christian adults who have shown a commitment to the vision and mission of the ranch. They serve as session instructors, in office or ranch management positions. LEAD volunteers also mentor general and student volunteers.

2. General Volunteer –

  • Age 18 or over, have attended an orientation, and serve in various areas.

3. Student volunteers –

  • For youth age 12-18, student volunteers assist in ranch chores and are mentored by an adult volunteer.

Examples of areas for volunteering:

  • Horse handling/training
  • Manure Management
  • Gardening (vegetable and flower)
  • Facilities/grounds maintenance, cleaning, building, etc.
  • Office help
  • Animal care (feeding, watering, cleaning pens and cages)
  • Fundraiser planning
  • Other event planning

Ranch Attire

All attendees and volunteers must wear appropriate clothing at the ranch.

Clothing should include:

  • Long pants (jeans are the best). Children enrolled in the program will not be allowed to ride wearing shorts.
  • ONLY crew neck tops with sleeves (short or long) are to be worn. Boys may wear button down shirts if buttoned appropriately. If you are helping with hay, a long shirt of some kind may be beneficial to you.
  • Boots. If you are around the horses at all, it is recommended that you wear cowboy boots, steel toed boots, or other acceptable riding boots. HopeWell does have a “boot exchange” program, where we have a supply of used boots or occassionally a donated new pair that the participant can wear while working at HopeWell.
  • Gloves are highly recommended and required if doing chores.
  • Due to the weather and exposure to the sun, it is recommended that you bring sunblock, wear a hat of some type, and bring a bottle of water.
  • If your volunteering time is falls over the lunch hour, please remember to bring a sack lunch with you.
  • A bottle of water is always a good thing to have!