Cathy Springstead Memorial


October 26, 1963 to January 25th, 2021

Cathy Springstead was a wonderful woman who volunteered her time at HopeWell Ranch and was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.  She gave selflessly of her time at HopeWell Ranch and provided many posters, banners, and print materials, often at the last minute.  I would always thank her for her prompt attention to our needs and she would always respond with, “No problem! I am happy to do it!”

Cathy would always join us for special events and would volunteer for our variety of fundraisers.  She was dedicated to promoting the ranch and the work we do.  Cathy was also very faithful in bringing her grandchildren to every opportunity that they could attend.  She wanted the very best for her grandchildren and every child that comes to HopeWell Ranch.

Cathy will be missed by her wonderful family and all of us here at HopeWell Ranch. 

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