About HopeWell Ranch

HopeWell Ranch is a non-profit organization that desires, through the use of rescued horses, to reach out to children and people who may have emotional, spiritual, physical and social needs. It is our goal to offer them the unconditional love of a horse and caring staff, as an example of Christ’s love, to help facilitate healing and the restoration of hope for their future.

Participation in our riding programs can provide emotional benefits such as self-confidence, independence, self-worth, self-esteem, improved social skill, responsibility and increased attention span. Physical benefits include increased balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility, circulation and improved muscle tone.

Working with equines and the social interaction between riders can greatly benefit the body, mind and spirit.



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Ty and I want to say a HUGE thank you to the Weidman Eagles! Last year they visited the ranch and decided they wanted to do a fundraiser for us. Tonight they presented us with a check for $1030.00!! Isn’t that fantastic?! We are always blessed at how amazing and generous people are!! 😊 See MoreSee Less

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A huge thank you goes to our good friend (And member of our Veteran’s Advisory Board) Chris Hubbell who has been running electrical wiring to run power to the Donald Schmidt Veterans Memorial Garden! Another thank you goes to our good friend Dave Schafer for digging the trench that the conduit runs through to the garden! We are so blessed to have such incredible volunteers!! See MoreSee Less

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Peaceful is a common word used to describe the ranch. Samson and Opie are both acting very relaxed this morning! Have a happy and blessed day! Praying it’s full of peace! See MoreSee Less

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Chebar is such a funny old horse! This is her woodsy retreat but yesterday she opened her gate and came wandering out as if she did it every day! She greeted visitors, ate grass, wandered the ranch and ate more grass. Last night when before I was heading to Mt. Pleasant, neither Veronica or I knew where she was. I called and shook her Grain bucket and she came ambling out of the indoor arena! When I walked quickly towards her pen she decided she wanted what was in my bucket and began trotting! Veronica and I had a good laugh! Love horses!! ❤️🐴 See MoreSee Less

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What a busy day! First the lovely Tina Sawyer came out to the ranch to do a recorded interview about the work we do at HopeWell. This evening we had the wonderful privilege to share again with United Way supporters at the Hunter’s Ale House in Mt. Pleasant! Our friend Tom Olver, President and CEO of Gratiot/Isabella United Way said to tell tear jerking stories and I could hardly contain MY tears!! Lol! God is so good to us to give us opportunities to share about serving others! 😊 See MoreSee Less

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